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week #3

+Pc in your pocket: $74 Android stick goes on sale - Time (cover photo)

+Pinterest raises $100 Million - NYT

+Hyperlinks are dumb and bleeding money - TechCrunch

+All models this photoshopped should come with a toolbar - Gizmodo Us

+Mobile Marketing by the numbers INFOGRAPHIC - Mashable

+Are people more honest when they text? - CNet

+GM says it won’t advertise during next Super Bowl Game - Bloomerg

thanks 4 reading and sharing!

week #3

+Tweeting to E.T. - Mashable

+Kiddie Porn is now legal in NYC-Gizmodo

+When I think about my computer, I touch my self - Time

+Many Competing Paths on the Road to the Phone Wallet-NYT

+Facebook to Marketers, It’s Time for a Click to Action - TechCrunch

+The path from a social brand to a social business - Brian Solis Blog

+Angry Birds hits 1 Billion download (cover video)

sorry for the delay, busy week!

Week #2

+Nielsen report

+Brian Solis’ interview - Mashable

+95% of indipendent resturant don’t have mobile website - Tech Crunch

+Gifture - Favourite App of the week

+”Geek” gets a new definition - WP

+Enterprise land in New York City - NASA

+Google sells SketchUp ( Wait, Google sold something?) - Time

video created w/ Gifture and works nicely but Gifs are saved as .mov on the iPod/iPhone :-\

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